My Values

Proactive Mindset. 

Not believing you are stuck where you are. Being open to change, and exploring the interplay of factors externally (social media, family, friends, work life) and internally (thoughts, behaviours, physiology) that are creating negative cycles in our lives, and an acknowledgement that they can be changed. 

Personal Growth.

Developing goals in your health, social and personal lives you want to reach. Knowing and owning your core values, identifying strengths and areas of weakness, creative ideas and allowing ourselves to be challenged and changed.


Putting yourself first. Acknowledging that we are not all the same, and combating comparisons that remove your ability to remain focused on respecting yourself. Taking the time to learn how to listen to your body, your mind and respond in kindness rather than self-destructive thoughts and behaviour. 

Non-diet Approach to Health and Happiness.

All research points to the fact that diets don't work. Yet we live in a world where wherever we turn we are being sold messages that create fear in how we eat, negativity towards our bodies, and destructive relationships with exercise. Ultimately defining our worth using the wrong metrics.
I take a non-diet approach to health and wellbeing, because I know that weight does not equate to health. Rather I aim to look behind destructive patterns of eating, chronic dieting and body dissatisfaction and reshape the way you approach your health.


I truly believe we are capable of achieving our goals when we dedicate time and energy into these areas. I help with goal setting, building confidence in your individual confidence to achieve more, move past set-backs, and maintain a proactive mindset. 

Freedom Filled Movement and Nutrition.

 Finding fun and enjoyment in keeping healthy. Learning how to cook yourself good food that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Moving for fun and fulfilment, and not out of self-obligation or compensation.