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Being in a place where you can reflect on your journey and share with others what you went through and how you got through it, is an incredibly empowering place to be in. 

Personal experience has taught me how isolating these disorders can be. I find it so empowering to hear the stories of others who had overcome their struggles, illnesses, and set backs and gone on to achieve their goals. 

Connecting with others stories brings hope to those in similar situations, they enable us to see the light at the end of the tunnel, reducing that sense of helplessness and sparking a proactive mindset.
You CAN conquer. You WILL survive. 

Through the eyes of...
Allows Us to 

  1. Raise awareness about mental health disorders, their prevalence, and their indiscrimination between age, ethnicity, gender and status. 
  2. Offer and invaluable insight into the misunderstood world of mental health that helps break down stigma, and shows the true strength of character it takes to overcome such misunderstood illnesses. 
  3. Help each other heal. Reading stories we can connect with, even if only partially, enables us to share struggles and learn from others as they offer practical advice inspiring a proactive and healthy mindset.

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