A Minions life is the life for me...

A Minions life is the life for me...

Hello! I'm Josceline-Joy, a bubbly, confident, energetic wellbeing wizard, graduate in Psychology, anorexia survivor, and mental health campaigner.
(can you say that all in one breathe...) 

I specialise in coaching recovery from disordered eating, including areas of stress management and emotional coping, to promote overall self-care, and freedom from foody fear! But I have load of other useful niches all wrapped up in the topics of behaviour change and psychology that you'll be sure to come across on this site!

I have a story to tell and message of hope to share with you all.
Whoever you are, whether you are struggling with disordered eating or other mental health issue, or maybe you're a friend, or carer of someone who is, you must believe me when I say recovery is possible. 

A Bit Of Background...

I've journeyed from chronic illness to joy-filled recovery from anorexia nervosa, leading  me to experience mental illness through new eyes.
I know first hand what it's like to live in a perpetual state of fear, swamped by depression, anxiety and self-hate. I know what it's like to have your head clouded with negative thoughts, feelings, uncertainties, and worries, and to have these projected onto your body.
It's damaging and it destroys lives.
.So we must prevent it

I suffered for 6 years with anorexia nervosa. Experiencing three lengthy hospitalisations,  I was told I wouldn't see my 18th birthday. I dropped out of A Levels, my first University degree, and on one occasion even attempted to take my own life. 
Dark stuff I know. 

From Surviving To Thriving

For those years the ones nearest and dearest to me lost their daughter and their friend. I was  a manipulative, anxious, depressed, vacant ghost of my former bubbly bright-eyed self. 

It took support, faithmotivation, and hope to give me the strength to persist with recovery. Tears were shed. Sleepless nights. Monotonous days. But I wouldn't  those years because they have made me the determined and ambitious women I am today.
Recovery has enabled me to achieve more than I ever believed was possible. Through this process I have proven to myself that I can accomplish feats that seem to far-fetched, I have ambition, I have purpose, there is joy in my bones and beauty in my soul.

 Now well into my 20's (how did that happen...) I now have Graduate Chartership  in Psychology, with future aspirations to register as a Health Psychologist. I'm published on the neuropathology of anorexia, and am a media representative for the UKs leading Eating Disorder Charity Beat. 

I remain fascinated by our brain and behaviour.
The way that our external and internal environments interact to shape, break and remake our health, and what steps we can take to develop healthy habits for managing stress and emotions.  
I am a massive science nerd, so be prepared to learn and be challenged in new and exciting ways!