Sweet & Spicy Summer Hummus

Hummus or Guacamole?

I am definitely a Hummus kinda girl!
I love getting creative in the kitchen with flavours of hummus, adding in different spices, herbs, oils, even peanut butter!


It's endless what you can do with the recipe, and versatile in how you can serve it. My favourite ways to serve this versatile dip is as a centre piece for a mezze board, surrounded by colourful veggie sticks, toasted pitta breads.
I also love stuffing raw mushrooms , or boiled eggs, with hummus... some may find this odd and off putting, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is. 

This is my "Sweet and Spicy Summer Hummus"
Those who know me will know I LOVE my spice. But for those who don't, don't be put off, combining the tahini, chilli jam and tabasco together gives it a really sweet creamy taste, and you can just leave out the tabasco if you really want. 


400g Chickpeas (drained) 
2 heaped teaspoons Tahini
1 heaped teaspoon Chilli Jam (or hot sauce)
2 tbspn Chilli Infused Olive Oil
2 tspn Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tspn Garlic Paste
3 drops Tabasco 


This hummus couldn't be easier to make! 

1) Drain the chickpeas and rinse in a sieve with cold water. Add to blender. 
2) Add in the oil, chilli jam, garlic paste, tahini, tabasco and lemon juice
3) Blend, taste and if you want to season further with salt and pepper then do!