Sweet & Citrusy Mince Pies

Sweet & Citrusy Mince Pies

Nothing says “Christmas is on the way” like the smell of home made Mince Pies, served with brandy butter and a glass of Port (so Surrey…#NotEvenSorry)

This traditional British sweet (once savoury) pie can be traced back to the 13th Century when European crusaders bought back an abundance of rich dried fruits, mince meats and spices. Today it is a well recognised and utterly delicious seasonal must.

This recipe provides the perfect sweet & citrusy (and rather boozy) addition to your Christmas party! 

Super Speedy Berry Flapjacks

Super Speedy Berry Flapjacks

Mouth-wateringly Moorish & Suitable for Vegetarians.
Having tried many other protein bakes that have failed or tasted rubbish I was inspired to create my own to support my active lifestyle.
Addressing the fad around “high protein” snacks being “healthier” and whether this is necessary for you, this post is more than just a recipe.

Coconut Berry FroYo

Super Quick & Easy Coconut Berry FroYo

The perfect summer desert to soothe your sunburnt soul with loads of scrummy nutritious sweetness.

Stuck for time? This is so quick to make! BUT needs to be made at least 3 hours ahead of time to give it time to at least semi-set! 

Stuck for time? This is so quick to make! BUT needs to be made at least 3 hours ahead of time to give it time to at least semi-set! 


1 Canned Coconut Milk (needs to be the solid form) 
250g Frozen Berries
1 tbspn Agave (or honey) 
50g Dark Chocolate
I used clementine segments to garnish, you can use any fruit of choice that's in season. I'd recommend strawberries, blueberries or banana slices.


1) Spoon the canned coconut milk, frozen berries and agave/honey into a blender and blend until completely smooth. 

2) Spoon into glass ramekins and place in the freezer for 2+ hours. 
I say 2+ because this does taste super nice when semi frozen, it becomes like a light mousey ice cream, but if you want it completely set you need to leave it longer. Just make sure you take it out the freezer around 10-20mins before serving so it can soften. 

3) Just before serving add the fresh fruit on top and sprinkle shavings of dark chocolate. 

Let me know if you try it, and tag/send me your pictures! 

Green Machine Smoothie

Ok, a little cliché, and I'm not really a smoothie kinda person to be honest. 
But sometimes I fancy a green smoothie and this recipe just hits the spot. 

These flavours complement each other so well that it's actually become a recipe I use after I've overdone the GnTs, or as part of a refreshing afternoon snack.  



1 large handful of fresh spinach leaves
5g Root Ginger (peeled and cut up into slices or diced) 
5g Fennel (cut up into slices) 
Cucumber (approx. 50g) 
Celery (approx 50g)
1/2 Lemon juice
1/2 Orange juice
(Optional 1 dspn Form Nutrition Vanilla Performance Protein)


1) Roughly rip/chop up spinach leaves, ginger, fennel and put into the blender. Add the lemon juice, orange juice, cucumber and cellery

2) Blend it baby.  


Very Berry Banana Bread


Banana bread holds the key to my heart...and my stomach. 
I think, alongside carrot cake, it is my favourite thing to bake. 


I have tried and tested so many recipes, and what I love about it is it is so simple to adapt. I'm always adding spices, berries, nut butters, greek yoghurt, to explore flavours and textures

This one is full of spices and berries. 
It's squidgy, melt in the mouth moist (that word....)
In theory will keep stored for a week it certainly doesn't last long around the house!



  • 280g Plain Flour
  • 1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 1 tspn Ground Cinnamon & Ground Ginger
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • 100g Butter
  • 1tspn Vanilla Extract
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 50g Honey/Agave/Date Syrup
  • 4 Ripe Bananas (3 Mashed, 1 Sliced in 1/2 for the top) 
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 tbspn Total Greek Yoghurt (also recommend Skyr or Rachel's Organic Ginger Yoghurt)
  • 85ml any milk of choice (I use Soya)
  • 1 1/2 tspn Lemon Juice
  • 1 handful of Frozen Berries


Banana Bread is super simple and quick to make, and ALWAYS worth it at the end. 
Your house will smell amazing when it bakes as well!

1) In a large mixing bowl sieve the flour, add in the salt, bicarbonate of soda, salt and spices. Mix in and leave to the side. 
2) In a separate bowl, add the butter, sugar and honey together. With an electric beater cream it together until light and fluffy. 
3) Mash 3 of the bananas, and whisk the eggs, both in separate bowls
4) Add the eggs, bananas, milk, lemon juice, vanilla extract and greek yoghurt into the creamed butter mix and fold in. 
5) Fold in the flour mixture and frozen berries.
6) Line the bottom of a loaf tin and grease the sides (this mixture comfortably fills a 25cm x 10cm tin)
7) Pour the mixture into the tin and add the sliced banana to the top before baking for 45mins to 1 hour on 180C/350F/Gas 4.
You can test it after 45min by putting a knife into the centre and seeing if it comes out without any raw mixture on it.