Series Overview

There is so much on offer for you here, have a sneaky peak at the current series on the blog and be sure to sign up for the "Recovery Diaries" starting soon. 


The Recovery Diaries 

Inspired by my most commonly asked question  "How did you recover from your eating disorder?" This series combines experience with research to explore how you can rebuild your life inside out, from broken bones to beauty. Fight your demons and find freedom from foody fear. 


Through The Eyes Of...

Spreading hope and raising awareness, these stories provide a powerful insight into the worlds of those who have conquered many set-backs and personal struggles. Sit back and have a look at life through their eyes...



Mind. Body. Soul.    

If we're not challenged  how can we change? 
Too often we get stuck simply surviving, and held back from thriving.  Explore this section to find practical self-help and lifestyle articles sure to educate, challenge, and change you.


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