I know what it's like constantly live in self-destruct mode.
Plagued by fear, anxiety, toxic thoughts, and harmful behaviours.

I was 18 years old, 3 stone, regularly pulling out my tube feed. As I lay there in my hospital bed wasting my days away, I finally decided,



Through Their EYes

A glimpse of life through the eyes of others who have combatted mental, physical or emotional set-backs. These are stories to inspire, connect with, and raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health.



Let's wander where the Wifi is weak 



Develop a fun filled, fear free lifestyle.
Combat disordered eating, negative self-esteem & obsessive behaviours. Learn healthy ways to cope with  stress and emotions, and break free from negative cycles of thought and behaviour.  



Recipes I've whipped up that are just too good not to share. 


What's Josceline-Joy All About


I started this site as a way to reach out and help those recovering from disordered eating, and has since developed it to cover a wide range of health and wellbeing topics centred around behaviour change, self-development, mental health awareness, and more recently my love for cooking and travelling.
All of which I believe central to nurturing a joyful and fulfilling life. 

The aim is to make you the master of your own health and wellbeing, through developing self-awareness about how an array of factors influence your perceptions of health and wellbeing, and overcome the barriers  holding you back from living a joyful and fulfilled life. 

I do not believe in a "one-size fits all" approach when it comes to behaviour change and coaching. Each division of psychology and behaviour change comes filled with useful skills to promoting a healthier, more self-aware and proactive lifestyle. These can be applied to everyone at some level. I draw on common principles and practices found within psychology, specifically coachingcognitive behaviour (CBT),  intuitive eating, and motivational psychology methods. 

Achievements & press Releases

  • British Psychological Society (BPS) Graduate in Psychology
    (working towards Health Psychologist)
  • BPS published on the Neuropathology of Eating Disorders 
  • Media Ambassador for UKs leading Eating Disorder Charity Beat
  • Twice guest speaker on BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire  
  • Mentor & Coach 
  • Daily Mail Online
  • Real People Magazine
  • The Surrey Advertiser
  • 96.4 Eagle Radio


Stuck in a Rut?  Lets challenge perfection. Lets combat negativity. Lets get healthy.
Whether this is in your eating, body image, self-harmpersonal or social life, together we will look at the factors holding you back and driving unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviours. I will help you challenge these obstacles,  build strategies, set goals, that help you master your own health and happiness


Public Speaking

Speaking events and workshops at local private Schools, local RadioSurrey University Nutrition Society, BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire, Team Surrey Charity Fundraiser and Surrey University in association with #GirlGains

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What You Can Expect From Me.


Non-Diet Approach to Health

Health goes way beyond what we eat and the number on a scale. However it can be hard to disconnect from this mentality when we live bombarded by diet messages and perfectionist images, constantly measuring health using the wrong metrics. 
We need to be aware of the vast array of factors that impact our health aside from what you eat, and how you exercise. Taking a holistic approach to health enables us to better understand what causes ill-health both mentally and physically.

I take a non-diet approach to health and wellbeing, because I know that weight does not necessarily equate to health, and  weight loss is not always the answer. Areas including, but not limited to, sleep, stress, emotional management and anxiety, as well as the impact of social and cultural environments on health and self-image, are all included when looking at how to develop healthy minds, bodies and souls.   

Proactive Solutions

I offer advise and direction that you can apply to your lives, and that enable you to make sustained changes to your health. Solutions should help you feel reaffirmed in your identity and confident in your ability to challenge your thoughts, change your behaviours, and ultimately be optimistic about your fear-free future.

Evidence Based Practice

All advice is both evidence based (supported by research and applied to practice) as well as from experiences of myself and others. These will be documented as such in any content, and all for the purpose of educating, supporting and helping you rebuild a healthy mind. 

Unconditional support

 I can offer advice and guidance, but at the end of the day YOU need to be willing to engage with myself and the content. Take a proactive mindset, and be patient with yourself, change takes time and each persons journey looks different.
Remember all good things come to those who are patient and persistent.
I am always here to support your journey.